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Join the KECP Family!

Special Tuition Offers

Become a member to gain access to special deals on tuition prices!

Wait List &

Priority Placement

Once a member, you will receive exclusive info on the current wait list, our availability as well as priority placement for future openings! Existing families may be added as well for sibling groups.

Employment Form Access

Looking for employment at Kids Edu Caring Place? First, sign up to become a part of the KECP family and then you will have access to all the employment forms necessary

to apply!

Calendar Access

Once you become a membership of the family, we will also grant you access to the KECP Calendar This is where you can see upcoming events and what your children do on a daily basis while in our care.

Family Photo & Video Group Access

After enrolling your child, you will be able to see all of the fun, photos and videos of the kids activities during their time at KECP. We love to share montages, photos and the excitement of learning with us.

Military Families Welcome

In order to access the KECP Military Families Program please inquire with the Director. Special childcare programs application.     Become a member of the KECP Family by signing up below!

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